Attic apartment with a roof terrace

This beautiful and new attic apartment has been built on the highest international standards. It features an open floor plan for the social area that includes the kitchen and the living room. This are also includes a cozy fireplace. There’s also a roof terrace, also a part of the recreational and social area. The terrace offers panoramic views over the surrounding areas.

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The apartment in situated on the 6th and last floor of a 1915 building on Major Street 4. The apartment is a new addition to the building and it was built in 2011. It has windows in two directions ensuring plenty of natural light during the day. Besides the beautiful living room and fully-equipped kitchen, there are also two bathrooms, one of which features a shower and a wash column white the other is simple.

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There are also two large bedrooms with plenty of room for double beds. An additional room could be used either as an office or guest room.

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The apartment is easy to access, featuring an elevator that goes all the way up to the front door. Nearby there are stores, restaurants and a newly opened bakery so the location is great. As for the interior design, it’s fresh and modern, with simple and elegant furniture and white painted walls. Of course, by far, the most impressive is the terrace.{found on alvhemmakleri}