Atrium Modern Seating Furniture by New Vienna Workshop

For those who are looking for modern seating features, the Atrium collection from New Vienna Workshop is awesome. The minimalist collection features clean lines and luscious upholstery – plain or cassette-quilted – complemented by a black nickel-plated metal frame. This atrium collection is chic with bold patterned cushions in black.

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It’s a nice collection that features beautiful pieces. However I wouldn’t call it elegant because there’s something about these pieces of furniture that doesn’t look gracious. They are ok, they look good, but I wouldn’t call them elegant or stylish.

The collection only comes in black which is always a good choice when it comes to colors. This means that it would look great in any modern home and it would make a great addition regardless of the other colors involved in the interior design and décor.  The pieces are modern and they also look very comfortable. I especially like the sofa because it looks more simple. I’m not crazy about the armchairs. They look comfortable and nice, but they also look a little angry. I think this collection is more appropriate for men than for women, because of the geometric lines and the lack of color or curved lines. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful and modern collection.