Atlas Three Dimensional Table

Some people just can’t help playing with shapes and forms until they get a spectacular result. These are the great minds that are artists or great inventors, all really creative people. Of course, there are many designers among them, too and here is an amazing piece of work of the guys from The Fundamental shop – Atlas Three Dimensional Table.

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The name and look of this table remind me of the Atlas mountains in Africa that border the Sahara Desert, tall and wild, stoney and alone in the middle of nowhere, silent witnesses of the rough lives of the Bedouins, the desert people. This table is inspiring and inspired, too, as it creates a sensational three dimensional feeling that is impossible to describe using words.

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Actually the apparently bumpy surface of the table is obtained by placing together dozens of small wooden cubes that were carefully shaped and rotated 45 degrees so as to obtain this amazing visual effect. After some more positioning and shaping the cubes end up showing lots of triangles that make the table top. It is almost a shame to use this table for dining instead of displaying it in a modern art museum for everyone to admire. The table is available in solid oak or smoked solid oak with the legs made of brushed brass. The price is €7,340.00.