Atelier AM Interior Designers Break the Monotony

The contemporary interior designers and architects have become pretty predictable and monotonous with heir design patterns. Most of the times, the attempt is to come up with a trendy surrounding that please the eye more than pleasing the soul. Their design patterns clearly aim to define the traditional from the modern. Atelier comprising Alexandra and Michael Misczynski is one brand looking to break that monotony.

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This unit believes in the timelessness of design, which will neither be traditional nor be modern, yet it will appeal to the soul. They have an authenticity in creating their own patterns which aren’t really inspired by some previously seen designs. They aim to make a surrounding comfortable, a surrounding that should have a global vibe.

AtelierAMmalibu 07

Everyone has its own preferences when it comes to interior designs. People often know what they want but they are having trouble finding it. And sometimes they have no idea what they want and they just make their decisions on the spot. So in this case some extra help is always welcomed. We present you a few options to choose from or to be inspired by. There are many different styles and designs and each one of them is beautiful and special.

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Some of them are more simple, others more sophisticated, some are classic or traditional and some are more modern. But whatever the style is, the important thing is that you like it and you’re happy with it because you’ll have enjoy it for a long time.  So choose carefully and consider all the options because it’s an important decision. Take a look at these pictures and maybe you’ll like something.