Astro Turf Pillow

I love walking in the grass with my bare feet and feeling the fresh leaves of grass under them, feeling the water sprinkled in between them or the dust covering them. It is a refreshing feeling and it makes me feel close to nature and a part of it. And what could be more charming than having a pillow covered in grass in your bed? You can hug it and rest your head against it and imagine you are in the garden even if it’s only winter and freezing outside. This is the Astro Turf Pillow and it looks amazing.

Astro pillow front

This pillow is covered with a very funny sunbrella fabric that is just the support for the synthetic grass you can see covering one side of the pillow. The multi colored stripes of the fabric make it a very nice and merry accessory and the grass on the other side makes you feel of summer and makes you alive. It is beautiful and unexpected, the last thing you would expect seeing in a room and still so beautiful. This pillow is now available for $89 and I think this is a small price to pay for the visual effect you get by using this pillow in your house.