Astonishing Beverly Hills Mansion With Incomparable Glamour

Located in Beverly Hills, this amazing mansion covers an area of 23,000 square feet, offers spectacular views of downtown LA and the Pacific Ocean and features a sleek contemporary design that gives it its irresistible charm.


You can see from the start that this is no ordinary residence. The size alone promises a one-of-a-kind experience. The mansion has a 16-car garage, a huge infinity pool and many other impressive features.

Beverly Hills mansion car display
Beverly Hills mansion car display
Beverly Hills mansion car display

Step inside and you’ll find a spacious living room with skylight and panoramic views. The cream and brown color combination ensures a casual, elegant and pleasant atmosphere.


The living area opens onto the infinity pool. One can relax and go for a swim and then step back inside.


Lounge beds in the pool area ideal for enjoying the sun and, for those that prefer to stay outdoors just a little bit longer, a lounge area is outfitted with comfortable armchairs.


Off to the side you’ll find the home office. Follow the motorcycle to reach it. It has a simple design, furnished with classical pieces and 12 identical pendant lights forming a focal point.


The dining room has a sleek table that can accommodate 8 guests. It’s part of an open floor plan that includes a bar, the kitchen and a lounge area. Once again, the views are breathtaking.


The kitchen is white and spacious, offering 180 degree views of downtown LA. The simple, clean and sleek lines follow the pattern of most contemporary designs but, in this case, get to be put over the top by the location.


The master bedroom has a floor-to-ceiling window that offers magnificent views and was designed to be simple, relaxing but also chic and stylish. A custom-designed unit covers one wall completely, featuring open shelves and storage compartments.


The bedroom’s en-suite bathroom is huge, featuring a freestanding marble tub, large wall mirrors and a glass shower.

Beverly Hills mansion car display
Beverly Hills mansion car display

The suite also has a pair of his and hers walk-in closets, designed with ample storage and everything necessary.


The mansion has seven other guest bedrooms, all featuring stylish and glamorous decors, access to terraces, skylights and exquisite furniture and accessories.


Add to those the 14 bathrooms the mansion has and you can start to grasp just how astonishing this property really is.


The property was designed for entertainment so it also offers a series of spaces such as this outdoor area that has a ping pong table and a cozy seating area, perfect for relaxation on a beautiful sunny day.


And if you have relaxation in mind, the upper floor offers you the perfect location: a large balcony with comfy chairs and views of the ocean.


Downstairs, a home theater with layered leather seating was designed to let everyone enjoy great movies. It has a dark color palette based on browns and the walls and ceiling also feature a textured look.


Go down to the basement and you’ll find a large space turned into a stylish man cave, with comfortable seating, a fully stocked bar and a place where those that love cars and showcase and admire them.


There’s also a game area where you’ll find a pool table with a glass base and a matching foosball table.


The mansion also has a fully equipped deluxe gym that’s also part of this basement man cave paradise.


And, of course, there’s also a stunning wine cellar with bottles lined up and displayed in rows on the walls.


The property recently got a new owner, none other than Swedish Markus Persson, the video game programmer famous for creating Minecraft. He purchased this amazing mansion everything we described above for $70 million, outbidding Jay Z and Beyonce who were also interested in the property.