Asterisk Stool

We live in a world dominated by computers and technology. If you walk in the street you will see eight out of ten people using their smart phones or other devices to surf the Internet , communicate or listen to music. More and more mobile phones have now a QWERTY keyboards which allows them to easier communicate by texting messages and by using all the keys on it, including the asterisk which is now part of the modern language – emoticons. No wonder some modern and smart designer called Roscoe Jackson decided to design this beautiful Asterisk Stool.

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As the name suggests it, this stool has the shape of an asterisk, that funny sign you can find on the computer keyboards. The stool is made of recycled HDPE plastic, high density foam, and fabric. It is very soft and comfortable and it comes in two sizes: small and big. This one in the picture is small, but it is ergonomic enough and good-looking to offer just what you want, whether you are young or old, modern or old-fashioned. Prices may vary between $325 -500, depending on the size and material you choose for this stool.