Asian-inspired residence in Lynwood

Located on 1747 Jasmine Street, in Lynwood, one of Denver’s Coveted Mid-Century Neighborhoods, this beautiful residence has a very special design and so does the landscape surrounding it. It’s an Asian-inspired residence, both in terms of interior and exterior design and look. In order to create a unifying image, the landscape and nature surrounding this place have also been remodeled to embrace the new look.

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The perennial gardens together with the junipers and natural fencing contribute to a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere achieved there. The house itself tries to be as close to nature as possible. So the delimitation between inside and out is very thin and achieved through a lot of floor to ceiling glass windows that allows a piece of nature to be part of the interior design.

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The residence features 3 bedrooms and three baths, a courtyard with water feature and koi, a laundry room that’s also used for storage and an additional family/theatre room. It also features 2 off street parking spaces. The whole house presents hardwood flooring and several other wooden features that beautifully complement the rest of the décor. The house has a modern design, both inside and out but there’s also a rustic touch here and there that adds personality. This beautiful 1869 sq feet residence located on a 8.380 lot is available for $412.000.