Ash Pendant Lamp by Tom RAFFIELD

The English designer Tom RAFFIELD study Sixixis continues his research on sustainable materials and processing methods.One of his latest productions is the Ash Pendant Lamp, made by folding and weaving eighty meters of strips of wood ash. Each lamp is hand-made and can have up to a diameter of 60 centimeters, but on request it can have smaller ones.

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When you see this lamp first you have the impression of total chaos, of randomly placed bits of wood, but these lamps require a careful arrangement and design because otherwise the whole project will collapse within a few steps. Any way, the material of choice for this lamp is a bit unusual – wood ash, but it is a “green” material and it protects the environment because it is recycled. The light bulb in the middle of this ball of wood ash casts a filtered light that will give the room an intimate air. The lamp is a pendant one meaning it hangs from the ceiling and in my opinion it looks great.{found on radiancelighting}