Artistic three-tier “Castle” Fountain

Fountains are a great decorative piece for the outdoors in case you have a big house or majestic mansion. Fountains have a very distinguished look and they tend to transmit their sophistication to the surroundings, this including the house. This particular fountain has a very beautiful handcrafted granite finish that perfectly duplicates the granite stone.

Castle fountain

This is probably the most appreciated benefit from using manmade materials. They have the amazing ability to replicate a variety of natural materials at a significantly lower price. Moreover, they weight up to one fourth the weight of cement of stone and this makes them easy to move around in case the décor changes. Last, but not least, these materials are not susceptible to mold, mildew, or other problems common to natural materials.

The “Castle” fountain has a very beautiful antique look that makes it seem sophisticated but also chic. At the base of the fountain there are also four planters measuring 59″Dia. x 62″T. They are perfect for small plants and this details helps the fountain better integrate in places like gardens and open areas. The “Castle” fountain is available at a price of $1,749.90 and professional installation is recommended, due to its size. It’s a very beautiful decorative item, suited for large gardens where they would beautifully disappear into the natural décor.