Artistic Nautilus II Table by Marc Fish

Nautilus II came as a response to the success of the Nautilus Table. It’s a second edition of the table designed by Marc Fish and it’s a very artistic piece of furniture. Originally, the table’s design was an experiment. The piece was created using modern computer-aided technology combined with innovative construction techniques. The result was a simple and yet very stylish piece of furniture.

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When seen from above, the table perfectly resembles a shell. When seen from underneath, the table reveals an interesting contrast of colors resulting from the combination of different types of wood. But what you can’t see or guess from any angle is that the table was crafted with over 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer that were layered until the desired shape was created. The result was the logarithmic spiral found within the Nautilus shell.

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The shape of the table has never been closer to perfection. That’s because the proportions of the Nautilus shell never change regardless of tis dimensions and of how big it grows. It’s a very interesting fact that has been a great source of inspiration for the designer. It was this perfection so commonly found in nature that he wished to recreate artificially. The shell has been closely reproduces in every little detail. The texture of the table replicates the exterior of the shell and it was achieved by hand-carving the fluted growth patterns. Finally, the transparent glass top features the same delicate lines as the shell itself.