Artistic bar stools

These “Dancing Circles” stools are the perfect example of how art can be found anywhere, even in the design of a simple piece like a bar stool. The concept behind this piece is actually very simple: some powder-coated iron rings that create an abstract and artistic image. The seat of the stools is made from black cowhide leather.

Dancing Circles Stools

A nice example of how you can create impressive designs using only simple materials and pieces. This way, the stools have a nice contemporary look, keeping in the same time the traditional atmosphere of the standard bar stool. They come in 2 dimensions: the small stool (17.5″Dia. x 20.5″T) and the barstool (18″Dia. x 30.25″T). So if you like them you can also incorporate them in you kitchen and they would perfectly fit.The dancing circle stool is available for 485$.