Artistic and historic loft in Manhattan

This beautiful and very charming apartment belongs to a stylist. It features a very delicate and beautiful interior design that mixes history with the urban allure of the Lower East Side. The loft is very charming indeed. Located in Manhattan, it offers panoramic views of the city while also featuring a very contrasting interior.The apartment seems so peaceful and quiet, it’s hard to believe it’s in Manhattan. It takes talent to create something like this and who better to do it than a stylist. The loft is situated in a charming 19th century structure. It was exactly what the stylist was hoping for. It had great personality and the atmosphere was unique. Old spaces are always inspiring and interesting. This particular apartment has been in a constant state of evolution since work started 15 years ago.

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When the owner first moved in this apartment, the atmosphere was very different than it is today. The floors were dirty and the whole place was dark. After a complete renovation, the apartment is now bright, happy and very stylish. The owner also brought some of her work at home, as it usually happens. The apartment is so beautiful and comfortable that she loves to create projects for her clients in there. As the owner herself declares, it’s like living inside a sculpture.

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As for the actual interior design, the apartment features a bright décor, with very few pieces of furniture and chic and delicate decorations. The owner is also a collector so she brought with her the bones, shells, feathers and raffia that she gathered over the years. All these elements, combines with the natural charm and history of the building make this apartment truly unique.{designed by Theabeasley}.