Artistic and dynamic, a collection that spells its name: “Chair & Chair”

As we have said with numerous other occasions and you probably noticed by now, inspiration sometimes comes from the most unusual placed. Take this furniture line for example. It features a series of chairs/small sofas with shapes that clearly represents the “&”sign. In fact, the name of the collection says it all.The “Chair & Chair” series was designed by Tatiana Bortkevica, a young professional interior and product designer based in Paris. She chose to think out of the box and to search for inspiration in some more unusual places.

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It’s this how the sign concretized into a chair. The fact that the source of inspiration is so unusual and unexplored makes this series highly original. The design then makes it very modern. The chairs which can also be considered small sofas have very clean and simple designs. They represent a stylized version of the “&” symbol and they follow its lines closely.

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When you analyze the sign it’s easy to see what the designer chose it. Its shape is perfect for a chair. It’s surprising that nobody else say the resemblance. The sofa has a modern design and it’s a handcrafted piece. It comes in two versions: upholstered with black or mustard yellow suede. The texture is soft and, in combination with the delicate, smooth lines of the frame and the bold colors, they form a beautiful accent piece and a great focal point for the living room and not only.