Arthur Table from Extremis

I am sure you all have heard the legend of King Arthur and his nights of the Round Table. Legend says they all sat around a round table because they all were considered equal and had the same rights. Apart from the legend I think it’s really nice to have dinner with your friends and family sitting at a round table. This allows everyone to join the general conversation and also to be equally distant from all those sitting at the table. The square or rectangular tables only allow you to speak with the person sitting in front of you or next to you, while the round table is a lot more friendlier. That is what designer Dirk Wynants thought when making the project for Arthur Table that was later manufactured by Extemis.

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This original table is made of high pressure laminate and is perfect for 12 people, but you can also find a version adjusted for ten or even eight people. It is very nice, but also all the people round it can reach the center thanks to the rotating center that is actually attached to the table. You can use this table indoors or outdoors , as you can see in the photos and you can also use the center for making the atmosphere cosier by using a lamp pr another decoration.

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