Art of Masonry info

Masonry is a type of building and construction believed to be the strongest and most durable throughout the world. It consists of combining blocks of building material into a single and very strong structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The most common building materials utilized in masonry include stone, brick, tiles, concrete blocks, marble, granite, and glass.

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Units of the individual building materials are artistically and carefully laid down one after another through mortar to come up with a durable structure. It is however to be mentioned that the durability and strength of the structure is dependent on a number of factors such as the mortar used, the quality of materials, the expertise of the masons, and the way in which the units are laid down.

As previously mentioned, masonry structures are among the strongest and most durable structures in the world. As is therefore expected, the high standard of durability and quality comes with a somewhat higher cost of building when compared to any other form of building and construction. However, in the long-run, it becomes very cost-effective in the sense that because the structure is very strong, one wouldn’t need regular repairs, thus cutting down on repair costs.

So durable is a masonry construction project that it is believed if it is given the highest standard mark of quality in terms of every aspect of construction i.e. if it is done by professionals who use highest quality materials, it is believed to have a lifespan of not less than 500 years.

Closely related to the above point, the high cost of this type of construction becomes very affordable when you consider that the materials used in the process such as stone, concrete, or brick are normally produced in mass quantities. As if that is not enough, the latest advancements in technology have made it an even more cost-effective and very affordable form of construction.

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Additional advantages of masonry building is the fact that the use of materials like brick would not need posh and expensive paint jobs meaning you also get an opportunity to save your hard earned cash. Further, these structures are always very resistant to heat and fire. Actually masonry buildings are believed to have the highest fire resistance capacity than any other type of construction.

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Depending on the material used, you also get to increase the thermal mass of your buildings. If you factor in all these points, it doesn’t need an expert to tell that masonry is the most pocket-friendly way to build your home, no wonder it is the most preferred type of construction in the building and construction industry today.

It is to be mentioned that for the continued durability of any building and construction project, but especially with a masonry building, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional mason to do all repair and renovation; someone who has the knowledge of the building process, the right materials used and the ways in which the renovation should be done so as to run smoothly. Hiring a quack might compromise on the durability of your building.