Arrange your house in Victorian style

The Victorian style of home designing is called after the queen Victoria and it appeared more than a hundred years ago. However, it has been famous all over the world and lots of people still choose it when designing the interior of their homes because it shows style, class and … wealth. It has been used mainly by rich people or by those who have become rich very quickly and want to show off with their newly acquired prosperity.

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This style is characterized by sumptuous interiors with many works of art like statues or paintings hanging on the walls. The windows are wide and covered at night by thick curtains made of expensive materials. The carpets are also thick and rich in texture, covering wooden beautiful floors.

Sometimes the walls are covered by wallpaper and some other times by impressive and massive wooden panels. Even the chairs show richness and good taste, as they are usually sculpted and covered with hand made tapestries. The overall impression is that the Victorian interior shows harmony and the people living in such houses have huge good taste and impeccable style. You can succeed arranging your house in Victorian style nowadays if you keep an eye on the vintage shops or go to auctions. There are also a lot of online shops that can help you purchase beautiful items that will fit the Victorian profile. Look at the following photos and you will have some ideas about how to do that.

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