Clever Ways Of Turning Ladders Into Accent Pieces For The Home

Beneath the simple and common design and structure of a ladder lies a versatile concept which can be easily adapted for home interiors. We’re talking about ladder shelves and other such accent pieces. These can be easily built at home, being simple DIY projects which require few supplies. We’ll show you a few examples and design suggestions which might work for your home.

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We’ll start with this detailed tutorial we found on lowes. It shows how to make a ladder shelf using some wood boards, dowels, some plywood, a saw and a drill. The first step is to cut the wood to size. Once all the pieces are prepared, glue and clamp the front legs to the rear legs. Then drill holes and add screws to make the shelf secure and stable. It’s then time to make the shelf trays and to assemble them. Once the whole structure is complete, you can customize the whole piece in any way you want.

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An ever simpler DIY ladder shelf design is featured on themerrythought. To make this piece you’re going to need some wood boards, a sander, wood glue, a hammer, nails and a saw. Cut a board to make the side supports. Then cut the individual shelves and glue them on after carving the niches into the side boards. Secure them with nails. You can then paint or stain the whole piece.

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If you don’t plan on using the shelves for displaying potted plants and other things, then they can be narrow and the shelf can look a lot like a regular ladder. You’ll find a description for the project on sheknows. If you want, you could give the ladder shelf a vintage or rustic look by using reclaimed wood boards. You’ll also need a saw, some wood screws, a drill, sandpaper, stain and hanging brackets. The ladder can be used as a towel or blanket holder.

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Combinations of materials can be used in case an all-wood ladder shelf doesn’t suit your style. For example, you can make an interesting-looking shelf by using two wooden broom handles, some copper pipes and wood glue. Once you’ve decided how many rungs you want, drill some holes in the two broom handles and make sure they are aligned. Then insert the copper pipes into these holes and secure them with glue. If you want, you can make a tapered ladder like the one on burkatron.

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Another option for mixing wood and copper is suggested on foxailandmoss. To make this particular ladder shelf you’ll need four round wood dowels48” long, six copper pressure tees, four copper tube caps, wood glue and a saw. Measure and cut the dowels and then arrange them on the form in the shape of a ladder together with the copper pressure tees. Apply glue to the end of each dowel and the inside of each copper pressure tee and secure them together. Then glue the tube caps to the top and bottom of the ladder.

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Of course, there’s also the option to only use wood or to only use copper pipes to make a ladder shelf. If you choose wood, you can follow the tutorial on loveofhome to make a chic and simple-looking ladder. You’re going to need some wood dowels, two wood boards for the sides, stain or paint and a drill. All you have to do is drill holes in the two boards and then to insert the dowels in them.

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On the other hand, if you’ve chosen copper, you should have a look at the project featured on abeautifulmess. The supplies needed include six 20” pieces of ¾” copper pipe, fourteen 8” pieces of ¾” copper pipe, twelve ¾” copper pressure tees and four ¾” copper tube caps. You’ll have to put all these elements together like a puzzle.