Armonya Bathtub with Shower, Perfect for Small Spaces

Today’s inspired work is an incredible bath combined with shower and curved glass panel from ARMONYA. Perfect for small spaces this unique bathroom furniture is great for any type of house. It is wonderful due to its two option feature.

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This lovely piece has a clean, elegant design, a unique curved panel and total transparency of the crystal. Moreover it has great features, such as a headrest, enough space for you to feel comfortable and a rain showerhead.

ARMONYA bathtub with shower1

As we all know a relaxing bath is always an excellent cure for a stressful day and will make you feel as a new fresh person. On the other hand, a shower is a great way to start your day and a quick option when you’re in a hurry. Why not have them both? This great bathtub with shower was created to respond generously to the needs of children, adults and seniors. Everyone can access the functions in the tub or shower in the most convenient, easy and secure way possible.

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Available in multiple sizes and configurations it easily fits into any space. Its aesthetics were carefully thought and are always on top due to the ability of customizing the panels.

ARMONYA bathtub with shower1View in gallery

The ARMONYA bath with shower is a wonderful feature for any home. It is comfortable, high tech and can make the most out of the minimal.