A Casual World Where Armless Chairs Take The Lead

Can you imagine being comfortable on a chair that has no armrests? It’s actually not that uncommon and definitely not a new trend. Plenty of traditional or vintage chairs featured an armless design. The idea is even less odd and unusual when you take into consideration that armless sofas and loveseats are also a thing and in some cases they don’t even stand out because of this design detail.

Green Armless Chairs

With a deep seat and an upholstered backrest that wraps around it, the Carol chair offers great support and a very comfortable experience. It’s part of a collection which includes a matching sofa and these can be used together in a setting such as a family room or lounge area. The chair has oak wood legs and a design that’s as unusual as it is comfortable.

Mustard Armless Chair

The Casamance autumn-winter 2016 collection is focused around a stylish chair which combines a curved seat with a wingback backrest and the result is a very stylish design which can complimented with extra cushions. Consider placing a side table next to the chair to compensate for the lack of armrests.

Round Dining Area with Leather Brown Armless Chair
Lots of armless chair designs have become classics without us even noticing this distinct design characteristic
Reading corner with an armless chair
The high backrest and compact and comfortable seat are a great match for this reading corner chair

Armless chairs come in a variety of different forms and styles. You can find a ton of cool chairs that fit this description in stores and if you want you can even use the idea as your inspiration for a new DIY project. Feel free to customize your old chairs not by adding something to their design but by actually removing an important feature. There are lots of uses for armless chairs.

Writing desk with an armless leather chair
You can use an armless chair at the office or at your home desk but keep in mind that it may not be the most comfortable option
Wood and leather Armless Campaign chair
A seat that’s wide and deep enough to be extra comfy doesn’t necessarily need armrests and can be all a chair needs
Round Comfortable Armless Chairs
Armless chairs like these ones look a lot like poufs with an added backrest. That’s actually the perfect casual design

One option is to use them as accent seats for the living room. You can use them in combination with an armless loveseat or sofa to create a casual seating arrangement. Another option is to have a set of armless chairs placed around the dining table. Their comfortable seats and backrests would be the key features in this case and, when you think about it, the armrests would only be in the way.

Tiny Armless Chairs
In a lot of cases a chair’s armrests can make a person feel less comfortable and can minimize the available seating options and positions
Armless Chairs for Living or Bedroom in Grey
These chairs would fit wonderfully in a bedroom. Picture them in a corner by a large window
Wood simple armless chairs
Designs like these ones are consecrated and their lack of armrests doesn’t diminish their functionality in any way

Other configurations can be just as promising and enjoyable. Picture a comfortable chair with an upholstered seat and backrest and a matching footstool or ottoman in the corner of a bedroom or in a library. It would be a pretty great reading nook. Add a side table and the image is complete.

Cofortable Armless Chairs
On the other hand, designs like this one are nowhere near traditional or classical. They’re odd enough to create a style of their own
Glass top dining table with armless gold chairs
Dining tables rarely have chairs with armrests around them. Such designs would just be a waste of space
Low Furniture - Armless Chairs
There’s definitely an increased casualness about upholstered chairs that have no armrests and this makes them quite desirable in modern homes
Low Living Room Armless Chairs
Somehow, armless chairs seem to take up less floor space and this makes them suitable for small living rooms
Small Black Armless Chairs
Considering the angle at which these chairs are placed and their complementary tables, an armless design is the best option