Armchair with an integrated hi-fi audio system

We all dream about comfort and relaxation from time to time, if not every day after a long tiring work day. When Georg Appeltshauser designed the chair in the picture, he must have had in mind these two terms: comfort and relaxation and it seems to have succeeded in his attempt of creating the perfect chair. It is not only comfortable and ergonomic, but it has an integrated hi-fi audio system. Thus, all your possible audiophile needs are accomplished with the use of this perfect piece of furniture.

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Audioluce reclining armchair has a metal frame with black molded foam and an adjustable backrest and footrest that will definitely convince you that it is the perfect piece of furniture. Besides accomplishing the audiophile needs and the rest ones,  it also has an optional reading light attachment, with rechargeable batteries and  everything is for $ 12.000 at Minimal Home.

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Nothing compares to the feeling you have when you come home after a long workday and you have a rest place that can get away all the stress, no matter you choose just to think about whatever crosses your mind, to listen to music, watch TV or just rest for a while. This armchair not only seems to be an ideal solution, but it seems to be the ideal chair. According to your taste, you can choose either the black one, which is appropriate for most people or the white one, attractive and elegant.