Armchair 090923-05 by Luis Garrido Vázquez

To be comfortable, a chair must not only be well designed, constructed and padded, but also it must be fairly large. As few people can afford the space for a large suite of furniture, armchairs become increasingly smaller.

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Luis Garrido Vázquez has made a modern armchair which was inspired by the waves of the sea and the flames of the fire. Built in aluminum structure, on stainless steel base, covered with high density latex and lined with leather or cloth of different colors. These chairs have a very interesting design. They remind me of the crane and the way it sits in just one leg, managing to keep its balance in a very amazing way.

If you’re worried you might fall of this chair, there’s no reason for you to do that. Even if it seems like the chair only sits on one legs, it is actually very stable because of the pyramidal base. The colors used are very bright and happy. They would instantly cheer you up.