The Arctic Treehouse Hotel Welcomes Guests In Timber Units Framed By Trees

Not many hotels are placed in remote and secluded areas and it’s a shame because a lot of time we search for relaxing destinations and experiences and these are usually the exception. The Arctic Treehouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland is special not only because of its location but also because it’s not a single large building but a collection of small ones. They’re spread across a natural slope, between the existing trees, with as little impact on the land as possible.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel has green roofsView in gallery
This is a hotel set in the forest and organized into several individual units
Arctic Treehouse Hotel sits on pillars raised above the rocksView in gallery
The units have green roofs to compensate for the lost footprint area

This unusual hotel was designed by Studio Puisto. The project was completed in 2016 after a 15 month process. It covers 1450 square meters of space on a steep natural slope populated with trees. It’s organized into a series of small individual units perched on support columns. They’re spread between the trees and they highlight the site and its views.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel built on a steep natural slopeView in gallery
The units have panorama windows that overlook the valley
Arctic Treehouse Hotel surrounded by natureView in gallery
The modules sit on a slope and are perched on thin columns that sit on the rocks
Arctic Treehouse Hotel with closed off sides and open end facadesView in gallery
Only the side walls have large windows while the rest are solid and closed off for privacy

There’s a larger main structure and several smaller ones. They have green roofs which compensate for the footprint lost during construction, giving back what was stolen from nature. The units are designed as cozy timber structures using warm materials and colors. Wood is extensively used throughout the units. The ceilings and walls are covered in dark-stained wood which complements the oiled parquet flooring.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel features terraces at the endsView in gallery
Small terraces are placed at the ends of the units, linking them to the views
Arctic Treehouse Hotel organized into individual unitsView in gallery
Even the outdoor spaces are cozy and intimate

The main building features terraces that frame the spaces and the views. It has a large and open foyer area organized around a ceiling-mounted fireplace. The steel fireplace is the focal point of the lobby. The space is linked to the kitchen area and to the hotel’s restaurant. A staircase leads to the gallery area which houses the offices and meeting spaces.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel features dark stained timber wallsView in gallery
The hotel’s restaurant has a very inviting and homely design and ambiance
Arctic Treehouse Hotel with a large and open lobby areaView in gallery
The main unit has a large lobby area with a steel fireplace hanging from the ceiling at the center
Arctic Treehouse Hotel has a spacious restaurant areaView in gallery
Pinecone-shaped pendant lamps set a friendly atmosphere in the dining area

The common areas such as the lounge and dining zones are large and open and in spite of that they look and feel very safe and cozy thanks to the warm palette of brown and other earthy colors and the selection of materials. In the restaurant the high ceiling is decorated with beautiful pendant lamps shaped like pinecones.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel with cozy and warm decors and great viewsView in gallery
Large windows frame the strategically-chosen views and long curtains can hide them for privacy
Arctic Treehouse Hotel features timber walls and ceilingsView in gallery
All the bedrooms are open to the surroundings and bathed in natural light

All the bedrooms have full-height windows with views of the valley. They’re also decorated with serene and fresh colors and soft and warm textures and materials. Textiles, leather, wool, timber and all the materials and finishes combined here result in a very welcoming and comfortable decor with a soothing and cozy ambiance.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel offers beautiful views from the bedroomsView in gallery
The interior decors are casual and inspired by nature and warm and soft textures and materials