Architecture near to the Cloister of the Church of St. Stephan

Children are very influential and for them everything counts. This is why if you want to offer them a quality education, you should also be careful how their school looks. It’s a fact that, when they learn in a sumptuous, modern school, they feel proud for their membership and they give their best to deserve this privileged place. The “Gynbasium Willigis and Pfarrgemeindehaus St. Stephan” is designed by AV1 and other architects to create a home that fits into the scale of both existing historical structures. The house is on one hand for living and on the other hand for learning. Although the classrooms are reserved for learning, the pleasant interiors and exteriors make the pupils feel like home. This sensation is also reinforced by the multifunctional dining room.

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The educational institute, located in Mainz, Germany, was built in 2011. The total size of the institute is 5000 m2 and the total budget for this building was 5000000 USD. The indoor of the institute is more a classic design than a modern one, special made for a learning environment, where students can get educated with no disturbance.

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On the outside, the design is extremely modern, lets the impression of a massive building, a real corporation. The courtyard combines perfect with the building design, with a tree in the center of the court which, from my experience, shares a lot of wisdom.The courtyards are very big and serve as a light source for the classes. Members can easily visualize how the building could expand.{found on architezer}.