Architecture design in Kyoto, Japan

The villa named from the red color granite stone of the gate in a shrine, Tan, and the word meaning being attractive with many colors, Saitan is a revolutionized architecture design in Kyoto, Japan by EASTERN Design Office . It is a villa with 11 units of house but designed to look like a one concealed house in the area surrounded with wall consisting many holes.

Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office2

These holes can be conceived as many different objects, as the clouds, root, or leaves. Whereas the concrete wall of all the houses is with the shape as the nature like sunbeams passing through the crowed trees, and completely covering the houses of the villa.

The design in fact is based upon the idea of how the plants were grown and how the roots expands as the house also known as the immortal tree, with all the curving and nonsymmetrical design to the wall covering the houses and the walls of the houses.

Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office7
Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office6
Villa Saitan by EASTERN Design Office2

There is also not surprising to see some of the twisted design with the holes of the wall. It is because the house was built in an extraordinary place of the area, which was once a site of a palace, the design was also meant to be extraordinary.