Architectural Corbel

I remember I loved History when I was in school and some time in the fifth grade I studied something very interesting about ancient temples and the columns that stood at their entrance. I was amazed by their architecture and grace, by the upper and lower end of the Greek and Roman columns that were embellished with great sculptures and ornaments. This was my first thought when I saw this beautiful Architectural Corbel from Pottery Barn. It looks like traveling in time and coming back from the ancient times, directly from the Greek temples I studies about. This corbel is not exactly a bookshelf, but rather a bit of a bookshelf or the stylized support of an art or decorative object.

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It is totally architectural, as it copies the style of architecture instead of being just a piece of furniture. It is made of wood , with a flat support on top with a rectangular shape and an amazingly beautiful sculpture underneath. There are carved acanthus leaves that give it a neoclassical note and make it original and make it the perfect place for displaying and valuing a single object. You can, of course, use it for storing a pile of books for example, but it is a shame to do this. The mahogany stained finish and the lacquered gmelina wood make it worth the price – $99.