Arbor Round Coffee Table for Outdoors

When I hear of coffee tables I usually think about interiors, interior design and a large and comfortable living room. But there’s more than that: you can have very beautiful coffee tables for outdoors, too. Take this Arbor Round Coffee Table for Outdoors for example. It is perfect for sipping your morning coffee on the porch in a nice summer morning. Unlike most outdoor furniture this table is made of wood, forest-grown roble wood  to be more precise. The wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

ArborRoundCoffeeTableS111The table also has galvanized steel hardware and a protective finish. It has a round opening for umbrellas in the middle, so that you can be protected from both the sun and the rain. This is characteristic for outdoor furniture, even if it is made of wood and not steel or any other weather resistant material. The round exterior frame is also made of the same wood and the interior is made of many board pieces put together, with small spaces in between, spaces that will allow rain to drain. The simple design and nice-looking wood the coffee table is made of make it a popular choice for many people. The piece of furniture is now available for $499 from Crate&Barrel.