Aquatic Coastal Whimsy Block Duvet Cover & Sham

Aquatic or marine world fascinates us with its lovely beauties that populate the depths of the waters and make curious to discover their secret life. This mysterious world of depths has always been an attractive space that man tried to conquer and explore so that he can find more interesting and fascinating things.

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Here it is piece of bedding which will definitely fascinate you with its beautiful, blue prints of chambered nautilus, sea dragons or conch shells. It is a perfect model for the summer season which usually makes us think of the beautiful and attractive, wonderful blue sea.It is called Coastal Whimsy Block – Print Duvet Cover & Sham. It is a high quality, woven of pure cotton bedding which will offer you the coolness and softness that you need for these hot summer nights.

Both the Duvet cover and sham can be reversed to white, the Duvet cover has a hidden button closure and the sham has an envelope closure and a blue flange that will make them more comfortable and attractive.The marine combination of white and blue will make you think of the beautiful views offered by the sea and its beautiful ships and boats.Available from 28 euros.