Aqua + Yellow: Cheery & Fresh

There’s no denying that certain color combinations will almost always have certain effects. For example, navy and white will typically bespeak nautical notions, and green and brown will usually bring out an earthy vibe. Not surprisingly, aqua and yellow (happy colors in their own right) pair together to often create a feeling of fresh, friendly, and cheerful style, no matter where they’re combined. Take a look:

Living Room.

Exterior yellow aqua

Pale aqua walls are paired with more dominant bright yellow chairs in this living room. Gold/gilded touches and warm woods throughout the room add balance to the otherwise light, and potentially flighty, space. Also, having the largest piece of furniture (sofa) being a cream color and using light green-and-white patterned drapes helps to keep the aqua and yellow color palette from being too in-your-face. I especially love the use of a clear chandelier here, which keeps the room feeling deliciously airy and light-hearted.{found on rustyhingesblog}.

Dining Room.

Exterior yellow aqua

There is a perfect balance of sweet pastels with rough industrial pieces in this dining room. Although the wall color looks like it could live quite comfortably on the walls of a nursery, and those buttery yellow chairs could do the same in a child’s playroom, the look is charming when paired with a perfectly under-sized industrial light fixture and the chunky wooden table made out of reclaimed wood. Steel legs on the chairs and table bring the look together, and the tongue-in-groove painted plank walls are the perfect touch in this cozy eating space.{found on designsponge}.


Exterior yellow aqua

An entire room does not need to be covered in the aqua-and-yellow color combination to have a cheering effect. Take this corner seating vignette, for example. The colors are a lovely lightening contrast to deep charcoal wall colors, and the simplicity of the corner overall is both welcoming and calming. I would like to see some sort of wall hanging near the chair, but it needn’t be anything that matches the colors – the simple yellow chevron curtains and happy aqua printed chair cushions are just enough, already having been referenced in the dresser knobs and small flower bouquet.{found on casagreer}.

Work Station.

Exterior yellow aqua

If there’s one place where happy, serendipitous thoughts should abound, it’s the work station. This charming yellow closet office space, with its unexpected pop of aqua upon opening the closet doors, could provide nothing less. The colors are neither shy nor bold; they simply provide a happy statement, “Here we are, and here you are, let’s enjoy this time.” I absolutely love this tiny work nook.{image by poul}.


Exterior yellow aqua

In all our home decorating, it might be easy for some of us to focus so much on the inside that we forget what’s on the outside. But this is an important aspect of home décor as well! What, exactly, does our home’s exterior say? This one certainly brings to mind a vibrant, welcoming, fun-loving resident. Some people may not have the liberty to decorate the exterior of their home any way they like (zone codes, landlord preferences, apartment rules), but it’s still something to consider. Bright planters in these same hues, paired by the front door, would make a similar happy first imporession.