AQHayon Mirror on The Wall

When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror what do you see? Most women will spend several minutes each day analyzing their skin in the bathroom mirror and also boys spend some time there …Anyway, in this weekend I found this gorgeous mirror by designer Jamie Hayon.

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Made with modern laser-cutting technology, the AQHayon Mirror is as elegant and sophisticated as mirrors come. Available in stainless steel or white or black silkscreen versions, these mirrors are so versatile that they would look just as gorgeous in an entryway or dining room wall.

A mirror is a piece that anyone must own. I can’t imagine how it would be to dot have one of these beauties in your home. It would probably be a disaster, especially for women who are a little obsessed with mirrors. But let’s not take sides because men are often worst than women. For example my dad. He’s is so annoying when every morning he spends around an hour in the bathroom, washing his hair and then you can hear the blow dryer and the way he meticulously uses the leave-in conditioner. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have a mirror in the bathroom.

AQHayon Mirror on The Wall2

Nevertheless they are necessary. And this design is very beautiful and modern. And again, it’s so versatile that you can include it almost anywhere in the house.