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Apple Core Remover

It’s weekend again and my kids want something sweet once again. Of course I prefer preparing something in the house, so I usually choose the season fruit and make some stewed fruit, juice, cakes and even pancakes with jam. Any way, most of the times I need to take the core out from fruit like apples, pears and some other related ones. And since it’s absolutely tiring to do that by hand and using a knife and it also takes too long, I looked for some tool that can help me in the kitchen. This is the Apple Core Remover.

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This tool helps you get to the apple core and remove it gently. It has a very strong stainless steel head that penetrates the apple. It is strong enough to go from one side of the fruit to the other without breaking or damaging the fruit. The handle is made of polycarbonate and is washable in the washing machine. Women who spend much time cooking will be glad to find out that the core stays in the tool and is not slipped on the table. This way you avoid making everything dirty around and you can keep the kitchen clean for a longer time. It is available now for $16.95.