Apartment with stylish furniture and white walls

We often emphasize the fact that natural light is very important in every home. A décor is more beautiful when it’s properly lit and a room seems more inviting and more open when there’s lots of natural light coming through the windows. Personally I prefer the lack of shade and trees rather than a house that’s always dark and gloomy. It’s why I find this house quite attractive.

Stylish furniture and white walls

The house is tastefully decorated and it has an elegant design with traditional touches. The wallpaper from the bedroom with that floral pattern and that particular combination of colors definitely gives a room a traditional look. Similar colors were also used throughout the house. The chromatic palette is mostly composed of beige and brown shades with golden accents, a combination that is usually considered a standard for elegance.

Stylish furniture and white walls1

Stylish furniture and white walls6

Stylish furniture and white walls5

Stylish furniture and white walls4

Stylish furniture and white walls3

Stylish furniture and white walls2

The fact that there’s natural light coming from three directions is definitely an important detail. It means that there’s plenty of light inside all day long. As for the design, you can see that the furniture has been carefully chosen and that it has a classy look. The kitchen is spacious and it has a fresh and simple design, with white furniture and beige walls featuring a shade similar to that of the wooden floor. The living area is particularly airy and bright because of the furniture, colors, textures and because of the windows.