Apartment In Ukraine Designed With A Slide And A Dynamic Interior

Each home has something special, something that makes it feel just right for those living in it. Each time that something is unique. Ki Design Studio is a team dedicated to focusing not only on functionality but also on beauty, harmony and aesthetics.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide into a casual living roomView in gallery

The studio’s goal is to teach people not to be afraid of space and color, perceiving each project as a complex and interesting challenge. As the team wonderfully observed, housing affects how personality is formed and defines a person. So let’s have a look at one of their projects to see how their applied these concepts.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and cozy reading corner in living roomView in gallery

This is an apartment located in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Its original layout featured two floors but the upper level didn’t exactly have a defined function, being nothing more than an empty space. It was transformed into a nicely-organized home where the social areas occupy the lower level and the private spaces are situated on the upper floor.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide leading into the living roomView in gallery

The clients wanted the interior design to be special. They requested something that would wow their guests but which would also look interesting a few years into the future. The design approach chosen by the team includes elements that are unusual and unexpected.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and green entryway wallView in gallery

The most eye-catching feature in the apartment is a slide which connects the two floors. It starts at the top of the staircase and ends in the living room. Those that want to go down from the upper floor to the lower level have two options: using the stairs or using the fun slide.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide as seen from the tooView in gallery

The entryway is placed between the kitchen and the living area, facing the stairs and part of the slide. To the right it reveals a green wall, another one of the elements that make this design special. The living room is spacious, simplistic and inviting. The use of wood on the floor and some of the walls adds warmth to the space.

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The window wall is covered in exposed bricks painted white to match the ceiling. Its textured design introduced a cozy touch to the décor. An oversized floor lamp is placed in the corner, offering task lighting for the window seats and the modular sectional.

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In another corner of the room, a chic turquoise armchair and a tripod floor lamp form a perfect reading spot. Next to it, a hammock chair hanging from the ceiling offers extra an extra seat while also adding a playful touch to the room.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and hammock chairView in gallery

The fireplace ties it all together. It has a brick surround and featured a firewood storage niche on one side and built-in bookshelves on the other.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and custom kitchenView in gallery

The slide and the green wall separate the living space from the kitchen and dining areas. The furniture in the kitchen was custom designed to fit and to offer maximum functionality while also looking beautiful. The combination of wood with black details is elegant and goes well with the white walls and gray floor.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and turquoise dining chairsView in gallery

The dining table is placed in front of the windows in a space that appears to be similar to a balcony. It’s a bright and fresh space complemented by turquoise chairs.

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Going up the stairs, a large window offers a view of the home office. The window was necessary in order to open up the space and to add more light. A set of skylights and strategically-placed spotlights create a pleasant and functional work environment.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and custom home officeView in gallery

The desk was custom-designed and it organizes the work area and the storage space into two separate section that together create a simple, stylish and modern design. The wall behind the desk is exposed brick painted dark gray.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and bedroom with large mirrorsView in gallery

The upper floor also houses two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Both bedrooms share similar interior designs. One of them mixes wooden flooring with white walls, a white brick wall and several different shades of turquoise. Sliding mirrored doors add depth to the space making it feel larger and more open.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and bedroom with skylightsView in gallery

The second bedroom shares a similar look. Wood, white and turquoise are combined with the occasional black and red accent details. The bed is framed by two wooden storage cabinets while two skylights let light into the room and offer views of the sky.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and bathroom with hexagomal wall tilesView in gallery

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and bathroom with live-edge counterView in gallery

The two bathrooms share a hexagonal theme. In one case, gray hexagonal tiles cover portions of the walls and are combined with a live-edge counter and a back lit mirror. The other bathroom uses the honeycomb pattern in the form of wall-mounted mirrors and shelves.

Apartment in Ukraine with slide and bathroom with honeycomb mirrorsView in gallery