Apartment With Creative Emmental Stairs by Biljana Jovanovic

Croatian architect Biljana Jovanovic recently designed some very fun and creative stairs for a young family with two small children. In order to create a modern look, the designer chose to incorporate into the design a lot of circle and semicircle motifs. This is why the final product ended up looking like a piece of emmental cheese with all those holes.

Family apartment emmental 2View in gallery

It’s an original idea and an interesting way of personalizing the apartment. But, considering the fact that this family has two small children, the safety issue is very important in this case. Even though the designer claims that the stairs are very safe, this is hard to believe especially after we find out that the little girl uses them as a toy. They might look interesting and fun, but I wouldn’t recommend them for families with small children. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Family apartment emmental 2

Family apartment emmental 2

Other than that, the design is nothing but beautiful and fun, perfect for a modern apartment or house. It’s a great example of how elementary piece, like the staircase, can become an eye-catching and artistic detail, a decoration in itself. So I really find this staircase design modern and very interesting. Still, the safety issue might be a problem. But for a young and modern single family, this is a very good choice.