Minimalist Apartment With A Fresh Design And Ambiance

When the owners of this loft requested an interior design that would be minimalist, modern, dynamic and fresh, Rado Rick Designers had the perfect idea in mind. They listened to the clients’ requests and treated them as general ideas meant to influence their vision.

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The apartment is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and has an open design just like its owners wanted. In order to obtain this layout, the designers had to get rid of the walls that separated the kitchen and the living room.

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The living area is a highly modern and minimalist space, with smooth white flooring, simple but eye-catching lighting fixtures and modular furniture. The designers used white as the dominant color and combined it with blocks of black and grey.

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A thick, soft area rug adds a bit of warmth to the space. The coffee table, however, introduces a strong contrast. The ceiling light is reflected onto the shiny floor making the space feel even brighter. The elegant and iconic lounge chair completes this area perfectly.

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The TV stand is really interesting too. Long, narrow and mounted on the wall, it disappears under the black wall unit and illuminates the floor under it.

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Did you notice that there’s a glass partition keeping all those books aligned? It’s easy to overlook it most of the time, but not when it shows its true function. That’s actually a modern fireplace.

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The kitchen is simple and has a futuristic look. It has a large central island with an extractable cutting board. The island also doubles as a dining table and as a divider.

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By keeping the design simple and only including the essentials, the team managed to increase the functionality of the kitchen. At the same time, they kept it minimalist in order to match the rest of the space.

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There’s a number of small details that gives this minimalist kitchen character. This mostly has to do with the irregular angles and lines, the clean, sharp features and the lighting.

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And since the kitchen island also serves as a dining table, this means there’s no need for a separate area just for that. Saving space and being functional go hand in hand.

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The apartment also impresses with its foyer, which is a white corridor with a smooth and uniform appearance, except for one detail. A green niche stands out. It’s decorated with flowers and UV light.

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The foyer also hides a built-in closet, concealed behind sliding doors.

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All the areas we’ve seen so far insinuate that white is the main color, used in every portion of the home. However, the bathroom is an exception. In here, black becomes the dominant color.

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White is just an accent shade meant to give the room a classy and elegant look and to also brighten up the space. And because the whole apartment was described as being fresh, this area is no different. In here, beautiful green plants take care of this aspect.

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