Apartment Harmonizes With Nature Through Art Nouveau Elements

This is another inspiring project from the architects at OOOOX. Completed in 2013, the apartment was completely redesigned and in its current form it combines a variety of contemporary elements and art nouveau accents for a décor that’s holistic and harmonious.

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The social area includes the living space, dining space and an open kitchen. Exposed ceiling beams painted white offer a subtle industrial vibe and contribute to the overall eclectic look.

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The kitchen is not invasive at all. It has white cabinetry and white countertops and the upper portion is lacking furniture, the only element displayed there being a simple mirror with a dark rectangular frame which contrasts with the white background.

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A concrete kitchen island separates two zones. It incorporates built-in appliances and has a simple and solid look. One portion of the island doubles as a bar and features a slender Gubi 3 barstool as an accessory.

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The dining area is at the center of the space. It has a really interesting cutting edge table with a solid metallic base and a thick wooden top that showcases its unique imperfections in a really great way. A set of Gubi 53 chairs are spread around the table.

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The chairs were chosen to feature three different colors, ranging from white to grey and then to black, incorporating this smooth transition into the décor of the space.

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An AIM LED pendant lamp was chosen for this main area. Its cables are suspended from the ceiling and the beams at different heights and the pendant cover a pretty large area this way.

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At the opposite end of the room is the seating area. It was designed as a casual space with a stylish cream-colored sofa and a floor lamp with a branched structure that ramifies in three directions, just like the branches of a tree.

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A black fireplace with a traditional design contrasts with the white wall section but, at the same time, coordinates with other accent features in the room. The accent wall has a really interesting texture and finish. It introduces a set of earthy tones into the décor.

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A really chic armchair with a high back and beautiful curves and legs complements the sofa and the two cylindrical side tables. Its velvety look gives it an extra comfortable look. From this angle you also realize that the overall décor is really cohesive and that elements from opposite ends of the room coordinate perfectly.

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The radiators are positioned under the windows and they’ve been hidden and masked.

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The apartment is not only simple and harmonious but also very well organized and designed to make the most of every little portion of space. Like this bookcase wall for example, which wraps around the huge interior doors.

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Or the way this classy armchair sits in this corner, complemented by two framed pieces of wall décor and a comfy patterned pillow.

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There’s also this narrow hallway/walk-in closet which accommodates plenty of storage in the form of shelves, hidden compartments and clothing racks. The leather pulls are really chic and so are the juxtaposed colors and textures.

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The bathroom is an oddly shaped space, with weird angles. But these details offer it more character, which is actually a great detail in this case. We really like the fact that the radiator is black in this room and that it coordinates with the dark gray wall.

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Black and white seem to be the two main colors in this case and they were used beautifully and in great proportions.

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The apartment is full of quirky accessories and accent elements, like this lamp in the home library that has the base shaped like a rabbit.

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And speaking of lamps, the lighting fixtures are always eye-catching, in every portion of the apartment. This hallway, for example, incorporates two different types of fixtures. It’s actually the same design, the Kimono pendant lamp, but with different shapes.

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An Extension chair sits in the corner, in front of the huge framed mirror and adds a plus of uniqueness to the space.

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The bedroom and its en-suite bathroom form one single space with no visual separation between these two functions.

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A freestanding tub was placed in front of the windows with two No 303 pendant lamps hanging above it.

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The washbasin is positioned in the corner of the room, also facing a window. A round Adnet mirror is suspended on the wall directly above it and the same type of wall lamp we’ve just described was also used here.

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The bed has a light gray tufted headboard placed against a patterned accent rug. A ghost pendant lamp was chosen for this area. You can see the cord-hanging light fixture above the bed and the shadow of an old chandelier on the wall. The two are connected and form a single design. Yet another quirky element chosen specifically for its ability to add character to the space.

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