Apartment In Paris Gets A Fresh Look After A Renovation

Located in Paris, France, this small but now very charming apartment was renovated completely in 2014. the project was carried out by Atelier DCCP Architectes and focused on giving the apartment a new and fresh look.

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The interior design is now a combination of quirky features and elements which complement each other in the most charming way. All the basic functions are gathered in an open floor plan. The limited floor space inspired the designers to think small and to organize the space in such a way that each function gets to occupy a distinct zone without making the room feel cluttered.

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The sitting area features a two-seater couch and a really interesting coffee table. It has a base made of concrete blocks and a hexagonal top. A butterfly chair completes the area and offers it a chic and casual look.

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One of the key elements here is the large wall unit which, thanks to its white finish, almost goes unnoticed. It becomes one with the wall. The corner portion is composed of open shelves and the rest of the unit is compact and enclosed.

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The dining table is placed at the limit between the sitting area and the kitchen and it links the two zones. The use of different flooring materials reveals that the kitchen is separated from the rest of the space even though there are no walls or dividers between them.

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The black kitchen cabinets also make this portion of the apartment stand out. But the design is kept simple and, even through the contrast of colors is strong, this doesn’t affect the overall décor is a drastic manner.

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The exposed wooden beams are a beautiful décor feature for the apartment and in the case of the kitchen and dining spaces they also have a practical use. Cord lighting uses Edison light bulbs to add a bit of rustic charm to these spaces.

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The remaining portion of space in the social zone is occupied by an extension that could serve as a bar and a simple bench with a design matching that of the dining table. The extension wraps around the corner forming a series of shelves and then becoming a bookcase on the adjacent wall.

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A ladder suggests that there’s also some space upstairs. Climb up and you can look over the entire apartment. The view is quite beautiful even through there’s not much room up here for anything.

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Underneath, on the other side of the glass partition is the bedroom. It’s a small but bright space mostly decorated in white.

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