Apartment in Barcelona decorated with vintage accessories

Sometimes deciding on a single style for the interior décor is difficult. There are many interesting elements in different styles and it’s only natural to want to combine them all. When that happens, you get an eclectic interior décor. It’s the case of this beautiful flat located in Barcelona. The apartment is situated in the historic center of Barcelona, in the Gothic Quarter.

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It’s a 170 square meter apartment with a unique history and look. Its owners wanted to preserve the original charm of the apartment and some of the old features but they also wanted this place to be brought up to date. The result was a vintage décor with modern insertions. It’s in fact a common combination. These two apparently opposite styles can be beautifully combined in order to obtain an eclectic and chic décor.

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The owner of the apartment is the Iranian designer Abadani Kaveh. When he first bought the place had a different plan in mind. But since the apartment’s distribution and interior structure was already perfect and matched his original plants, he had to rethink his strategy.

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He decided to focus on the interior design. He opted for a vintage background on which modern furniture creations of himself can shine. It was a clever decision and the results are beautiful and inspiring. Each room has its own look. The rooms are all spacious and this made things easier. Even though each space is unique and carefully designed, there’s also an overall uniform look that brings everything together.{found on micasarevista}.