Apartment Gets A Colorful Makeover For Its Adventurous Owners

When a couple of travelers decided to make this apartment in Myslowice, Poland their new home, they hired Widawscy Studio Architektury, a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on combining the old with the new and minimalism with timeless modernism in order to create unique and quirky interiors for their clients.

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The ground floor is open space and features a large brick fireplace as one of the focal points. The living space was organized around the fireplace. A white sectional sofa, two identical coffee tables with wooden tops and two comfortable loungers form the seating area.

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They’re all facing a wall with sliding panels. These panels can be moved to either reveal or hide a wall-mounted TV.

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When the TV is concealed, an array of geometric bookshelves is revealed. It’s where the owners display some of their souvenirs from their travels as well as a small book collection.

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The kitchen also features exposed brick accents. It’s minimalist and designed as two modules, one white and the other one black.

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The cabinetry is white and glossy, without any hardware to disrupt the smooth and linear design.

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Part of the kitchen counter separates the kitchen from the dining area. The two spaces communicate but remain separate. From the kitchen you can see the wall art and from the dining area you can see the geometric wallpaper.

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In the dining area, the design is very quirky. One of the walls features a world map made with string and nails. It’s this string wall art that gives the space a lot of character. The yellow Eames dining chairs are a cheerful splash of color. The dining table matches the living room coffee tables, sharing the same design.

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A staircase with accent lighting and a brick wall complemented by colorful tiles featuring a diversity of patterns leads upstairs to the bedroom areas.

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The bedroom has a soothing design. The reclaimed wooden floor adds a warm touch to the black and white décor. The tripod floor lamp is one of the accent features that give the apartment an industrial feel. The modern nightstands introduces subtle yellow accents for cohesion throughout.

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A divider made of colorful glass and metal separates the bedroom from its en-suite bathroom. It’s a quirky accent feature which serves as the main focal point for both rooms.

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The en-suite bathroom is simple and very inviting. The wood accents give it a very comforting feel. The design throughout is simple. Two washbasins sit on two wooden platforms and are complemented by rectangular mirrors.

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Of course, a few yellow accents complete the design, allowing it to be cheerful bright and modern.

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But perhaps the most eye-catching space of all is also the smallest: the guest bathroom. It’s a bright yellow space with a mirrored wall, glossy wall cabinets and a nook where a stack of books fits perfectly.

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