Nordic Apartment Enhanced By Its Eclectic Decor

Apartments decorated in a Nordic style are always very nicely balanced. This balance can be achieved in a variety of ways and using numerous different resources and techniques. The apartment we’ve chosen in this case uses color and texture to reach this particular look.


The kitchen is open and connected to the living area and dining space and together they form an open floor plan with an airy and inviting look. The large windows let in plenty of light which is an important element in all spaces featuring a Scandinavian design.


The dark wooden floors are complemented by white walls and ceilings and this timeless combination sets a color scheme that works well in any type of décor. The living area is defined by a gray sofa and a white area rug that sets apart this zone.


The dining table is placing in front of the windows. It has a traditional design and the brown chairs are a suitable addition. An interesting detail which can be seen throughout the apartment is the choice of lighting fixtures. Cord lighting hangs casually in the kitchen as well as in the rest of the spaces.


The kitchen is quite spacious and the fact that it features white cabinetry throughout and stainless steel accents further enhances this look. A small island/ bar separates the kitchen from the rest of the open floor plan. The birch tree backsplash is a simple but also quirky feature which matches the wallpaper used on the entrance hallway.


A single portion of a wall lets the exposed brick become part of the overall décor. This element offers the apartment and the living area in particular a charming and comfortable feel. The brick wall in an interesting detail. On one hand, it supports all the other rustic details but on the other hand it contrasts with some of the more modern additions such as the artwork on the walls.


The social area opens onto a small balcony with wonderful views. The windows face in the same direction and the views are amplified, becoming part of the interior décor.


The bedroom however, is a bit different from this point of view. It’s a small but fresh and airy space despite the fact that it has tiny windows and it’s separated from the living area by a sliding barn door. To compensate for that, the room features crisp white walls, flooring and furniture.


The bed sits on a raised wooden platform, the radiator is mounted higher on the wall than usual and all the storage is found in a separate closet nook with corner shelves and a large mirror leaning casually on one of the walls. This space feels like a natural extension of the small bedroom with black accents.


White is the main color for all the spaces described so far but not for the bathroom. Here, the main color is gray which is features on the tiles walls and floor. The bathroom is not exactly small. It’s divided into a series of spaces which include an open shower, a laundry space and the toilet.