Apartment decorated with cheap materials and total freedom for the architect

When an architect is given total freedom when designing a place, this means that he gets to be creative and that he doesn’t have to obey any rules and restrictions given by the client. It’s sometimes even better than designing his own home because he may dare to approach things differently and to try new designs.

Plywoo marble interior1

This apartment can be found in Stockholm, Sweden and it was a project by Bunker Hill architect office. The architect was given complete freedom and the results are quite interesting. He chose plywood as the main material and this can be seen as soon as you lay eyes on this apartment. The architect used plywood on almost every surface in this place. Some might say it’s an exaggeration but this can also be seen as a daring approach, an attempt to escape convention.

Plywoo marble interior

Plywoo marble interior2

By using plywood in the whole apartment, the overall interior décor is cohesive and continuous. The plywood surfaces make the rooms feel warm and inviting but they also allow them to feel airy and bright thanks to the light color and finish.

Plywoo marble interior3

Plywoo marble interior4

Plywoo marble interior5

As you can see, plywood was used on the walls, on the floor and even on the ceiling. This continuous design also includes custom-made furniture. In the kitchen we can see a very beautiful and harmonious combination of plywood and marble. The two materials combine wonderfully and the result is a stylish décor.

Plywoo marble interior6

Plywoo marble interior7

Plywoo marble interior8

The bedroom has a minimalist décor. The bed is raised on a plywood platform and the walls are painted crisp white. The rest of the furniture and accessories are extremely simple. By raising the bed the architect managed to get to window level and this way beautiful views can be admired. The windows also let in lots of natural light, making the room feel airy and relaxing.