Apartment Anatol France – a private residence dominated by elegance and classical features

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, Apartment Anatol France is, despite its misleading name, a private residence. It was designed by Kababie Arquitectos and it was completed in 2012. The style chosen for the project is eclectic: a mix of modern, contemporary and classical features. The overall design is very tasteful and elegant.

Apartment Anatole France

For this project, the architects tried to make the residence a reflection of the client’s identity, this being their most important attribute for all projects for that matter. The architecture and the interior design capture the personality and the character of the client and all the elements are chosen in concordance with these details.

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Apartment Anatole France3

Apartment Anatole France4

The residence is located in Polanco and it has two levels. The client is a single man so everything inside was designed to suit his lifestyle and to respond to his needs. The dining and living area is a double height space and it’s the center of the whole residence. It was large windows and the color palette chosen includes warm, earthy tones that create a very elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

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The same color palette was also used in the rest of the spaces and the residence became a cohesive space with a harmonious décor. There are also a few colorful accents throughout, mostly in the form of artwork. Other features that stand out are the handmade rug and the custom-made bookshelf from the bedroom.