Anya Three Seat Sofa

Every decent house needs a sofa in the living room, as this is the place where you all stay and spend time together, where you watch TV, but also chat with your friends. This is the reason why your sofa should be larger, I mean to have three seats. This is the best choice for sofas, as a two seater is good enough just for couples and too small for a bigger group. Well, if it is too big, then it can’t be called a sofa and it turns into a bench. Any way, this Anya Three Seat Sofa seems perfect to me, as it is comfortable and looks nice, too. And , what is more important, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to the fabric it is covered with.

FSANY130BLCCHIThe covers of this sofa are fixed, but the cushions can have theirs changes every now and then, when you want to wash them. The entire sofa feels incredibly soft and comfortable because the seat cushions are filled with feather-wrapped foam and the back seat cushions are entirely filled with white duck feathers. The four short and sturdy legs are resistant enough to support the whole sofa and the long slender arms make it an elegant piece of furniture. You can purchase it now for £1,110.00 from