Antler Chandelier

Ever since they first appeared on Earth, people had to hunt animals and pick fruits because he needed food to survive. So, in time, turned hunting into a noble hobby, something reserved for rich people. The best hunters were very proud of it and wanted to show everybody this, so they displayed trophies from these animals like their heads or antlers. Well, this is no longer cool, but rather barbarian, but I guess there are still some nostalgic people who would like at least one of these Antler Chandeliers. The antlers are, of course, fake, asthey are made of ceramics and have different colours, but the design is pretty similar to the original one and shows several pairs of deer antlers woven together as chandelier.

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The designer of this chandelier is Jason Miller and the model presented in the photo has 12 antlers, but there are also different other models with a different number of antlers. These antlers have small light bulbs on top, so they look pretty cool. You can have this model of chandelier with 5,900.