5 Simple Desk Designs You Can Put Together By Yourself

You don’t need to be a talented designer or woodworker to be able to put together a simple piece such as a desk for your personal home work space. In fact, this type of project is so simple anyone can do it with some free time and a few basic supplies. Depending on your needs, you can design the desk with lots of storage or with just a minimalist surface for your laptop. Either way, there are many design possibilities to explore so let’s have a look at five of them.

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The first project features a desk that stylishly mixes the elegance of antique details with the simplicity of modern creations. The whole project may seem elaborate and complex but is actually pretty easy to put together. It starts with a few pieces of cherry wood. First the frame for the actual desk was created and then the upper shelves and storage compartments were added. The dark stain suits it well and the LED light hives it a modern, high-tech look.

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An interesting idea offered on shanty-2-chic proposes using bar stools as a support structure for a desk. In this scenario, two bar stools with simple, straightforward designs would form the base on which a wooden desk top would be placed. You can optimize the stools with a storage shelf, very useful for a desk.

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Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, storage is important for a desk. There are always things that need to be stored, things that are usually scattered on the work surface creating distractions and a messy look. So consider a desk design that includes a drawer or two or perhaps some shelf storage. A good example is offered on sinnenrausch. The hairpin legs are a perfect choice given the simplicity of the design overall.

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Another ingenious idea can be to use an old door as a desk top. The project featured on hometalk would be the perfect starting point provided you already have the door in question. In addition to that, this desk also uses an adjustable-height desk frame and a sliding keyboard kit. Since the door didn’t have a smooth surface a glass top was added.

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Some pieces of furniture such as the Malm cabinet from Ikea have very simple and versatile design. This allows them to be used in numerous different ways and for different purposes. This particular piece, for example, can become the supporting base structure for a stylish desk. You can use two of them and leave some space in between for a chair to fit in. {found on tomfo}.