Antique sink cabinet

Antique furniture is always beautiful. It adds class and elegance to any interior. This is valid for basically any room of the house, even for the bathroom. This antique chest is a living proof for this affirmation. It’s a chest or a cabinet that also includes a sink on top. It was designed for elegant bathrooms that needed a vintage touch.

antique chest with sinkView in gallery

The chest is both stylish and functional. Besides the fact that it’s also a sink, this antique chest also includes plenty of storage space. It features two drawers and two doors for items like toothbrushes, toiletries or other small items. As for the materials used, the chest is almost entirely made of wood. It also has a marble veneer top and brass sink fixtures, carved cabriole leg and a beautiful antique finish.

The overall dimensions of this antique beauty are 36 1/2 x 20 1/2 – 41 3/4 H. It’s a relatively small item so it could be included in almost any bathroom. Lace a matching mirror above it and maybe some candleholders on the sides and you get a romantic atmosphere. It might be a little difficult to find matching elements to go with this piece but try to find something made of wood or that replicates wood texture and go with warm colors and vintage patterns.Available here.