Antique rain drum side table

Rain drums have been used in festivals and ceremonies for many many years and, even after that, they still remained precious because of their history and cultural value. They have inspired many designs, most of them for side tables or accent tables. You can find some of these designs right here on our site. Today we’re back with another beautiful side table, also inspired by a rain drum.

Rain drum

The table is has a design inspired by the Southeast Asian rain drum, which was renamed for the unique sounds it created. The table only borrowed the shape and the detailing. The drum itself, in its original form, had a shape and design that very much resembled a side table. Very few modifications had to be made when transforming it into an actual piece of furniture. The reproduction features intricate details, just like the original,

Besides its obvious functional side, the table also represents a great accent piece for any home. It has been taken to the rank of decorative art and it’s something that would stand out in any décor. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, guest room or in any other space. It was designed to be used indoors but it can also be placed in certain outdoor areas as long as it’s protected. The table is made of aluminum and has an antique bronze finish. Its overall dimensions are 16″Dia. x 20″T and it can be purchased at the price of $450.00.