Antique encased chandelier with crystals

Chandeliers have always been impressive decorations for the home. They still are, even if they are usually antiques. A chandelier can really change the atmosphere and the décor of a room. This one is a beautiful encased chandelier inspired by the 19th century European regency and neoclassical designs. It’s a very eye-catching piece that would look wonderful in the living room, dining room, study, library etc.

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The chandelier has a simple design that has a strong visual impact. It features a hand-painted metal frame with an oxidized bronze finish. Also, inside it has antiqued quartz crystals. The chandelier uses three 60 watt bulbs. It would look wonderful above the dining room table but it can also make a beautiful addition to the living room, library and even to the bedroom. Of course, the interior design needs to allow you to include such a unique element.

The overall dimensions of the chandelier are 18″Dia. x 26.75″T. It can be bought for $875.00. It’s indeed a unique accessory for the home. It’s something that would definitely catch your attention when entering the room. It would be enough to have this one accessory only. If the rest of the décor is equally complex it might be too much. A single star piece in the room is usually enough. This chandelier is definitely impressive and not overly imposing with its size.