Antique Dupont wall clock

It’s always so interesting when you go somewhere and you realize that they have antique pieces like a wall clock or a mirror. Antique pieces are always interesting. It’s probably because they are rare and usually hand-made. If you like antiques we have just the thing for you.

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I’ve just come across this very beautiful wall clock. It’s a 27’’ clock with a very beautiful antique look. It’s actually made of old gears and mechanical clock parts so it’s really priceless. Well.. almost priceless. It’s available for $150. Since it’s so precious and also because it’s an oversized piece, the clock is not available for expedited shipping. I really like the way this clock look. It has that old, historic look. It would be a great purchase for anyone who appreciates this kind of things.

If you’re worried about how it might look in your home, the secret is to know how to make it look natural. You don’t have to decorate your entire home in an antique style. This clock could very well look great in a modern or contemporary home if you know where to place it and how to include it in the décor. It’s a truly unique piece, that is if you don’t count the other similar clocks. But it’s unlikely that you’ll ever meet anyone else who has such a beautiful art piece in their home.