Antique Bathrooms with Trendy Appeal

You might not consider the décor idea of using antiques in the bathroom, but this room can be elevated to new décor heights by bringing in something with personality. Here are some tips to create old school charm. The key is to do so in such a way that you bring home stylish elegance.

Vintage Sinks.

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Start with the Sink

Plain sinks are a thing of the past. If you’re after something vintage, then updating your sink can be a great way way to achieve the look. Chrome and marble are two materials that work wonderfully in this regard, so think of using them in your antique-inspired bathroom. Chrome is also a great transitional substance: it pays homage to a vintage look while being bright enough to prevent your décor from appearing old.

Armoire Art.

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Move an Armoire into the Bathroom for Regal Appeal

A chest of drawers or armoire is a practical, underused item in the bathroom. It can store your towels and personal hygiene products so that they do not have to be in view. A dark wood armoire is perfect for a white bathroom as it brings depth to the color scheme while giving style to the surroundings.

Design a Vanity Area.

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Vanity for Vintage

If you have the space at your disposal, create a beautiful dressing table in the bathroom. Add antique charm by choosing pale floral wallpaper – this always strikes a note of vintage glamour. You can finish off the look with a small chandelier.

Luxurious Lines.

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Mirrored Surfaces Mimic Water

If you want a 1920s atmosphere in the bathroom, go big with your mirrors. Choose one (or two) with a vintage design, such as Venetian-inspired ones. Reflective surfaces for the vanity or bathroom armoires are also a great choice for instant glamour.

Relax and Unwind.

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Stylish Relaxation

The bathroom is a great place for some relaxation. Get into the mood by bringing a pretty armchair and footrest into the room. An antique chair combined with an ottoman with wooden trimmings makes the space become charming.

Get an Interesting Shower Curtain.

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Change One Thing and Make a Big Difference

You’ll be amazed at how much just updating your shower curtain can do for your bathroom. As can be seen in the image above, a black-and-white shower curtain displaying New York brings the white bathroom to life, adding a regal yet modern feeling to the room. The colors in the shower curtain should be used to reflect your décor. For instance, in the image we can see that the grey works well with the mirror and livens up the neutral wall color.

Gold Tones.

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Give Vintage a Whirl with Gold

Gold is a versatile material – it can reflect antique or contemporary design, depending on how you use it. Gold is also timelessly stylish. When achieving antique gold flair, you can use gold in the mirror frame, candle sconces, and even artwork that contains shades of gold. Wood is excellent for use with gold as it warms it up.

Farmhouse Vintage.

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Farmhouse Trendiness for a City Escape

This is a great idea for your bathroom if you want something creative and rustic. A whitewashed bathroom door gives the room a farmhouse cottage feeling, which is increased by the use of the glass shower and use of marble as well as stone. Perfect for the city when you want to feel like you’re on a beautiful farm!

Black and White Glamour.

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Perfect Color Scheme for Vintage Attraction

Sometimes just the use of certain colors can change the overall style of a room. By decorating your bathroom in black and white, you get a retro ambiance that can still work in a modern setting. The white flooring that is speckled with black is a bit old school, and works wonderfully with the bow-tie shaped back of the chair as well as the window treatments.

Double the Sophistication.

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Two-Toned Walls Update a Plain Bathroom

Using two colors for your bathroom walls can be a great way to uplift it. For instance, half the wall from the roof down can be gold, with the remaining wall all the way to the floor being white. The contrast is a highly intriguing background. A clever tip is to bring in accessories that match the two colors, creating harmony.

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